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2016 Competition Update #2- Palmer1


Before we get to the highlights of the Palmer regatta, we’d recommend signing up for Thompson (Friday/Saturday, July 15-16) immediately: Thompson Registration Page.  Official registration for Canaan (Saturday/Sunday, June 25-26) is already closed and may be sold out.  If you hope to stay in the hunt but haven’t signed-up please contact the COM registrar ASAP to request a late signup at 

Palmer was dry, and then wet, and then flooded.  Many attempted to ford the river, but some didn’t make it.  Everyone in the paddock got a free car wash.  Check out the highlights, including cars and boats alike:

Super Unlimited – Mark Stellato made his 2016 debut in the Focus, taking the win over the a pair of Loti driven by Bruce Allen (2nd) and Dan D’Arcy (3rd).  All had wet weather, but D’Arcy also had pool floaties for tires.

Super A – Tom Greer ran alone in Super A to get his 2nd win of the year.  A win is a win, but I think we all want to see Tom’s monster Porsche rip it up on a dry track.

Super B – A big showing in Super B saw the return of a number of familiar faces, each enjoying one of the dry time trials.  Jake Wile’s 1:49.0 just edged out Daniel Preston’s 1:49.1 for the win.  Andrew Berlow (3rd) was also in the :49s, just ahead of Bob BBQ Brooks (4th), to secure a podium finish.

Super C – Good deeds never go unpunished.  Volunteer Chris Parsons scheduled himself to go out in the rain allowing Peter Fontana to rip it up in the dry.  Fontana has now earned back-to-back FTDs and Super C lap records with a 1:46.2.  Crazy conditions or not, we haven’t seen back-to-back FTDs since Bruce Allen did it in 2012.

Super D – Greg Hosselbarth is back on top of Super D, finishing ahead of Rebecca Harvey (2nd) in the dry with a 1:52.

T100 – Bob Cairns and Laura Fleming sailed around in the worst of the conditions, with Bob going just a tick crazier than Laura to get the win.

T90 – Stephen Tise Jr. had an unlucky spin and DQ, likely caused by strong currents at Turn 2…I’m not joking.  Jon Harris took advantage, keeping his car straight and picking up his first COMSCC Time Trial win.

T80 – Nick Fontana was the only one on wet tires, picking up his first win of 2016.  Vic Larin (2nd) put on an impressive performance on street tires in the worst of conditions, finishing ahead of Marc Epstein’s (3rd) Boss Mustang.

T70 – James Ray III (1st) has opened up 2016 with consecutive podiums, picking up his first COMSCC TT win.  He finished ahead of Nelson Barros (2nd, first COMSCC podium) in his e36 with Jon Cowen (3rd) rounding out the podium.  Again, T70 should be a fun class to watch all year.

T60 – Jason Ganette snuck into a dry TT, picking up a win in his first ever COMSCC TT.  Troy Velazquez (2nd) stayed ahead of everyone else putting in a great drive in the rain with Molly Lemoine (3rd, first COMSCC podium) finishing just ahead of roommate Dave Lemoine (4th) to get onto the podium.

T50 – Jeff Wasilko enjoyed another dry track and another T50 win, laying down a 1:51 and picking up the Most Consistent Award (3 laps separated by 3 tenths total).  Jeff Baker (2nd) got stuck in the rain at NHMS-1, but he got a dry track at Palmer along with his first podium since 2013, finishing ahead of Matt LeBlanc (3rd).

T40 – Scott Rosnick returns to the top with a 1:54 and T40 win with Tom Cannon (2nd, best finish since ST3 days in 2012) right on his heels with a 1:55.  Julie Wasilko (3rd) is back on the podium with her best finish since 2014.  Can someone call Derek Tangard’s mom and see if he can come out and play with us this year?

T30 – Stephen Hosker and Peter Perrault went head-to-head with Hosker picking up his 2nd win to get a great start to 2016.

Updated Track Records:

2016 is just getting started and should heat up with back-to-back events in the next 5 weeks at Canaan and Thompson.  Again, if you haven’t signed-up yet, you are already well behind the 8-ball.  See you at Canaan!


Event announcement:

Registration for COM’s first official event at Canaan Motor Club is closing soon!

COM will be one of the first clubs to hold a full school and competition event at the newly-expanded Canaan Motor Club on Saturday June 25th and Sunday June 26th.  Late last year the track was exapanded to 1.4 miles.  This is a great track and will keep you busy and engaged the whole way around!  Check out the video below of Dave Lemoine’s lap around the track from our test day in April.

The event cost & other information can be found at the registration link: Canaan Registration Page

If you have any specific questions about event registrations please contact our Registrar:
If you have specific event questions (entry / gas / etc.) please keep an eye on our Event Annoucement Section on the forum or contact our Chief of Event Operations:



Event announcement:

2016 Competition Update #1- NHMS1


With a test day at Canaan and our first competitive event at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in the books, 2016 is now underway! But before we get to the highlights, you should know that the first event was sold out across the board – if you want a shot at getting into Palmer (Sat/Sun June 4/5), you need to register ASAP: … zCEmvkrKUl.  I hear that Palmer is cleaner, curbier, and better than last year…with new garages, too.

Puddles and sunshine. The 2016 Time Trial opener saw some of the wackiest weather in memory – event volunteers and competitors alike were trying to make sense of the radar all afternoon. The on-again-off-again day reminded me of this classic scene:

In the end we saw some mixed-up results…check out the highlights below:

Super Unlimited – 2015 SU Champion Dan Darcy and 1989 Driver Champion Bruce Allen went heads-up in their respective Loti in COMSCC’s no rules class. Dan ended up getting stuck in the rain with Bruce laying down a low-1:22 for the win. We look forward to more Lotus v Lotus showdowns this season.

Super A – Tom Greer opened up 2016 with a win over 2015 SA title-winner Dana Johnston (2nd). Geoff Howe (3rd) slid around on slick tires, amazingly keeping his car on-track despite driving in the worst of the downpour.

Super B – Jacob van Gelder earned his first COMSCC TT win, besting Fred Kim in his e30 (2nd) and 2015 SB champ Dan Preston in his 370z (3rd). John French and Bob Brooks must have hit the snooze button too many times because they were nowhere to be found – maybe they’ll get up for Palmer?

Super C – With 2015 SC winner Will Martins rebuilding his motor and Gordon Andrade taking a legitimate sick day (feel better, Gordon), Chris Parsons and Peter Fontana got things started in SC. Chris is back after a long hiatus, swapping his 370z for a turbo Miata. His 1:20 was one of the faster times of the day, but the fastest time (FTD overall) went to Peter Fontana, driving the e36 M3 at SC lap record pace: 1:17.5.

Super D – Greg Hosselbarth was anointed with the Miata Tiara to start the event, signifying his 2015 Miata Cup Award. However, SD newcomer (she swapped to SD at ~11am on Sunday) Rebecca Harvey picked up her first COMSCC TT win.

Touring 100 – Laura Fleming (up from T90 after winning the class back-to-back years) and Bob Cairns were ripping it in practice in their matching C5 vettes, but they both got hosed, figuratively and literally, during the Time Trial. With sticker Hoosier dry tires mounted and both cars/drivers already lined up on the grid, the skies opened up, leading to a slip-and-slide TT. The best is yet to come for T100 in 2016. Donald Piette?

Touring 90 – T90 welcomes 3 new competitors. 2015 T70 Champion Stephen Tise Jr. upgraded the safety and performance of his ride, and Jon Harris and Dan Croteau added go-fast goodies to their C5 and M Coupe, respectively, to move up from T80. The new-look T90 class saw Tise Jr. taking his Mustang a little quicker than Harris’s Corvette to start the year.

Touring 80 – T80 is another class of transplants. Besides Nick Fontana who is staying put in T80, T60 winner Vic Larin plans to run his e46 M3 once ready, Mike Papageorgiou returns to COSMCC Time Trials in a SRT-4,former s2k driver Marc Epstein said “hello” in his new Boss 302, and Dan Durusky has jumped from 70 to 80. However, it was first-ever COMSCC Time Trial competitor Bruno Machado in a Lan-Evo IX getting the win with a 1:22.2.

Touring 70 – After nail-biting battles between Jon Cowen and Stephen Tise Jr. in 2015, the 2016 season-opener saw Erik Harris edging out Nick Derosa’s e36 (2nd) with James Ray III (3rd) rounding out the podium. With a number of returning customers, T70 should be another big and exciting class in 2016.

Touring 60 – Troy Velazquez and Dave Wittmer splashed around in their new class for a 1-2 finish, with Velazquez throwing down a 1:26 for the win and Wittmer edging out T60 regular Howard Roundy in his Elise. T60 had 9 competitors with hardware ranging from Miata to Camaro to Porsche – it should be another interesting season.

Touring 50 – we got to see an awesome T50 showdown in the dry at the end of the day. Matt LeBlanc laid down a respectable 1:22 with Dave Lemoine dipping into the 1:20′s, but 2015 T50 Champion Jeff Wasilko crushed it with a lap record 1:19.7. Even with a couple departures, T50 is still one of the hottest classes to watch.

Touring 40 – Sam Webster was doing the rain dance and got his wish, picking up his 2nd rain win at NHMS in as many events. Rodney Carriere (2nd) traded the 912 for a Miata and earned his first COMSCC TT podium, sliding between Webster and returning T40 competitor Tom Cannon (3rd). 2015 T40 Champion Scott Rosnick scored points but is looking forward to Palmer.

Touring 30 – Peter Perrault is back in T30 (3rd) and David Beningson turned in his 944 for a Miata to join in on the fun. However, with dance partner Mikhael El-Bayeh still piecing together his Civic, Stephen Hosker got his 2016 campaign off to a good start – 1:25.9 and a win. Could Hosker win T30 3 years in a row…?!

Alright, the first event is in the books. On to Palmer.
Full NHMS results: … 2016-05-08
Updated Lap Records:

…and again, the registration link for Palmer: … zCEmvkrKUl

Event announcement:

Palmer-1 registration is now open- new curbing included!

Registration for our first event of 2016 at Palmer Motorsports Park is now open.  The event will be on Saturday June 4th and Sunday June 5th. Our visits to Palmer last year were two of the most attended events of the year!.  As you may recall there was no curbing installed last year.  In the off season some legit curbing has been installed in key areas.  An example is pictured below.  This should make for far more rewarding laps and less rocks on the track!

The event cost & other information can be found at the registration link: Palmer-1 Registration Page

NOTE: Garages are now available for renting directly from the track here: Palmer Garage Rental

If you have any specific questions about event registrations please contact our Registrar:
If you have specific event questions (entry / gas / etc.) contact our Chief of Event Operations:


Event announcement:

NHMS1 Registration is Now Open

Registration for our first school & time trial event of 2016 is now open!  It will be at NHMS on May 7th & 8th.

The event cost & other information can be found at the registration link: NHMS1 Registration

Also as a reminder, if you haven’t completed your 2016 Annual Membership please do so by following the link below. The 2016 Early Annual Membership folks will receive a free early membership package which includes club marketing items, stickers, and a long sleeve T-shirt at no additional charge. To be eligible for an early membership package you must complete your Annual Membership by March 31th, 2016.

2016 COM Membership Registration


Event announcement:

Test Day at the newly expanded Canaan Raceway Park- Only 10 spots left!

Licensed COMSCC members are invited to open their 2016 season with a test day at the Canaan Raceway Park on Saturday April 23, 2016.  This brand new track was expanded late last year to 1.4 miles!  Entry fee is $165.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to be one of the first to experience this brand new layout.  

Here is a video of the expanded track:

Video of Canaan Track Extension

Sign up below.  As of this posting there are only 10 spots left!

Register here for the Canaan Test Day



2016 Touring Classification Tool is Now Available!

You can now find the 2016 COM Sports Car Club Touring classification tool HERE.  Fill this out to determine what Touring class your car slots into for 2016.  All rule changes can be found HERE- changes for 2016 are in bold red text.  One important change for 2016 to note:  “Prior to competing in a Time Trial, each entrant must submit to a COMSCC Steward a classification sheet (Touring classes) or power/weight figures (Super classes).”  If you have any rules-related questions please email