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2017 Member Discount Program Overview

Below is a summary of our three discount programs.  Please note that both the first-timer discount program and our frequent driver discount program have been updated for 2017.

Frequent Driver Discount Program-

To give you a little context: Last year, members received a $20 credit for each COM track day they completed.  This credit could be applied towards their next COM event during that season.  Credits did not carry over to the following year.

This year- The same $20 credit will be issued for each COM track day you attend.  This credit will be applied to the next event you sign up for.  Credits do not carry over to the following year.  But wait, there’s more…  Members will start earning a $30 credit per day at their fourth two-day event of the season.  But wait, there’s more… Members will start earning a $40 credit per day at their sixth two-day event of the season.  You must attend the full two day event before your credits are issued to your MSR account.  This new tiered discount structure offers a savings of $400 for members who attend every event.  The more events you attend, the more you save!

First Timer Discount Program-

New members attending their first COM event qualify for a $50 discount off their registration fee by using the discount code “COMSCC-FIRST-TIME-2017”.  New members attending their second COM event qualify for another $50 discount off their registration fee by using the discount code “COMSCC-FIRST-TIME-2017”.

Referral Program-

If an existing COM member refers a new member to COM, the existing COM member will receive a $50 credit towards their next COM event for each of the first two events the new member attends.   There are two steps that need to happen:

1.)    The new member who has never attended a COM event before must list the referring member on their MSR registration for their first (and second) event

2.)    The existing member must contact the Treasurer after the event to verify the referral and attendance by both members for the credit to be available for the next event

So help spread the word about the COM experience!  Refer your friends.  If you think they need some additional motivation to sign up for an event have them come for a ride via our Hot Lap Ride-Along program.  If you have any questions at all about these programs please contact our Registrar or Membership Chair.

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COM Sports Car Club (COMSCC) is one of the oldest active sports car clubs in the country.

The club has a long-standing reputation for excellence in high-speed driving instruction and competitive time trials on sports car tracks around the Northeast U.S. and Canada.
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