Register now for NHMS2- Relay Rally included!

Registration is open for our next HPDE school and time trial event.   It will be at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Saturday June 24th & Sunday June 25th.  You can register HERE.

We will be running the North and South Chicane configuration.  This is both a great venue and configuration for first timers and seasoned veterans.

We will be bringing back our very popular relay rally event at this event as well.  It will take place after standard track hours on Saturday.  Any member who is signed off to solo is eligible to participate.  There is no extra cost to participate in the relay rally.

After the relay rally there will be a catered dinner at the track for $15/person.  You can sign up for it when you register on MSR.

All event details and information can be found HERE

Ideally the relay rally should finish like this!