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Event announcement:

Registration for Palmer 2 is open!

Registration for our second HPDE driver school and time trial event of the year is now open. This is the first time COMSCC is running Palmer Motorsports Park in the newer clockwise direction!

The event is a Saturday-Sunday event on 6/1-6/2. You can register HERE.

Garage rentals this year will be handled directly by our MotorSportsReg signup – make sure you add a garage before checkout if you need one.  All other event details and information can be found on our web forum HERE 

If you have any specific questions about event registrations please contact our Registrar:

If you have specific event questions (entry / gas / etc.) contact our Chief of Event Operations:

Palmer 2 - 2019

The COM 2019 Season is OPEN!!

Greetings COMSCC Members!

Winter is over, 2019 is here, and COM Sports Car Club is moving into its 7th decade of continuous operation. It has been a long journey. The club continues to evolve while remaining true to its ethos, the pinnacle tenet of which is the quest for the perfect lap.

Q: Are we HPDE, or are we a Time Trial (TT) competition outfit?    A: Yes!

For the casual HPDE driver, COM provides a way to enhance focus by having “more skin in the game” while still alleviating the riskier bits of wheel to wheel racing. For the experienced racer, our TT format offers a way to hone one’s skill running qualifying laps in a controlled environment. Our instructors have been hand-picked to deliver a friendly, safe, and above all, fun experience to members of all skill levels. Our TT license holders and instructors are among the best drivers in the region. Many of these drivers are members of endurance racing teams with multiple wins and podium finishes on the record.
In short, COM has something for everyone interested in this kind of motorsport, so members……get the word out. Let’s bring some new faces into the group.


We have a strong schedule of events this year, with dates at Palmer Motorsports Park, Watkins Glen International, Le Circuit Mont Tremblant, Thompson Motor Speedway, and we finish the season on the epic south oval at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Visit to view the schedule, or visit to register for your next event.


New for this year is the addition of a new class; Super E. This is a class that allows the lower horsepower cars that meet the super class requirements a place to compete without having to conform to the rules of the touring classes, which are a little more rigid. Review the rules posted on our website to see if you qualify.

Advanced Coaching:

Our advanced coaching program will continue with COM’s 2018 Instructor of the year, David Wittmer, carrying the torch. The scope of the program may change depending on work load, and the staffing will continue to rotate as needed, but I’m sure we will see the same level of quality that we have enjoyed the last couple of years. Who knows? Maybe I can finally get some help myself.

Aim Solos on loan: 

Also new for 2019, is a loaner program for Aim Solo GPS lap timers. This program is sponsored by Matt Romanowski and The Solo2 and Solo2DL units will be available for members to use as part of the advanced coaching program, either on their own or with a coach. As our work load allows, Jeff Wasilko will continue to hold data review sessions for small groups this year, using the AiM devices Matt has loaned us, plus devices members may own as well.

A quick message on volunteerism…

As the club moves forward, there will be positions at the leadership levels that will open as our veteran members decide to move on. This is a perfectly natural thing. Thus, it truly falls to individuals within the membership to step forward to assume some of these critical roles. We have always promoted from within. Our Board of Directors, Administrative and Operations staff, as well as our instructors are all from within our own ranks and is part of why our paddock culture and how we do things is so unique. The crux is…….we NEED you. If you are interested in certain roles within the leadership, please come forward and ask about them.


If you haven’t already done so, please download our mobile application. Search “COM Sports Car Club” on the Apple App Store or Google Play.  We use the mobile application two ways. We push out critical communications during events where the public address systems may not provide adequate coverage. We also use it for communications between events for promotions and other benefits, such as perks from our partners at the various race tracks we visit. The application has “in app” text messaging so you can communicate with other members in a convenient way, and there is also a page with links to our other resources such as the website, our forums, our page on Motorsportreg, the classing sheets, and our Time Trial Archive. The archive is updated as results are posted, so it is always up to date, and a super valuable resource to get a snap shot what your competitors have run for lap times in the past.

Social Media:

Don’t forget our Facebook page. We are posting new content daily. COM is branching out on the social side, by offering more ways to get together and share experiences that aren’t necessarily at the race track. One example is COM day at the ballpark. Save the date! Baseball game starts at 7pm, Friday, July 26, 2019. COM Sports Car Club (COMSCC) members and their families are invited to watch the Worcester Bravehearts baseball team play the Nashua Silver Knights, plus see a BIG FIREWORKS show after the game ends!  COM has arranged for group seating behind the Bravehearts dugout on the third base side. Kids will have a chance to meet Bravehearts team mascot Jake the lion and maybe get lucky enough to have him to autograph their souvenir hat. Please put it on your calendar and plan to come and join the fun! Pre-purchase tickets online at The group’s password is all lower case characters: comscc


We will be placing the order for our swag in the next week or so. Those of you that registered for the early dues event in MSR should expect a package soon. We are targeting between events one and two depending on how long it takes our supplier. Please bear with us on this. The task to get these items stuffed in mailers and mailed out is quite large. NOTE: If your name is not on the Early Registration Dues event on MSR, you will not receive a package. Never fear…..we will be ordering additional inventory items for sale throughout the season. We will be doing shirts and also a newly designed hat for 2019

Sorry, this is getting wordy, I’m just really excited for the 2019 season and for the future of our club. I plan to follow up this message with a mid season state of the club report. Until then….

I’ll see you at the track.

Troy Velazquez
President – COM Sports Car Club

Registration for Palmer 1 now open – our first event of the year!

Registration for our first HPDE driver school and time trial event at Palmer Motorsports Park is now open!

The event is a Saturday-Sunday event on 4/27-4/28. You can register HERE.

Garage rentals this year will be handled directly by our MotorSportsReg signup – make sure you add a garage before checkout if you need one.  All other event details and information can be found on our web forum HERE

If you have any specific questions about event registrations please contact our Registrar:

If you have specific event questions (entry / gas / etc.) contact our Chief of Event Operations:



COMSCC 2019 Schedule

COMSCC Members,
We know it may not seem like it, but the 2019 season is closer than you think! We are pleased to announce that early annual membership registration is now open at:

Remember, only the folks that sign up for the early registration package will receive our coveted swag package!

We start the season with Palmer Motorsports Park (counterclockwise) on April 27th-28th. Then we run Palmer clockwise in early June followed by one of the highlights of the season, Mt Tremblant in late June. Summer will see us on the track at Thompson, Palmer and Watkins Glen, and the season finale will take place at old haunt New Hampshire Motor Speedway on October 12th & 13th.

The full schedule can be found below. You may want to bookmark this page for future reference:

A little housekeeping info:
* Our Frequent Driver and First Timer Discount programs will continue unchanged
* Advanced Coaching for TT license holders will also continue
* The new rulebook and classification tool can be found here
* Check out the COMSCC Winter iRacing League here

Stay warm, and see you at the racetrack!

2018 Competition Update

Race cars are in storage, helmets are in the closet and race suits are off to the dry cleaners. Yes, it’s the end of the racing season, a time where COM members focus on hypothetical classing calculations and a spot of iRacing! It’s also time for the end of the season competition update….

Super Unlimited – Dan D’Arcy was leading this class mid season, and the end of the season results are no different. A win at Watkins Glen and a second at NHMS-2 helped Dan seal the SU championship ahead of Thomas Greer in 2nd and Bruce Allen in 3rd.

Super A – Kellie Greer made it a two-peat and grabbed the championship again in 2018. John Harris in his Z06 likely fancies his chances in 2019 after winning the last two events.

Super B – this is a large class that has seen attendance ebb and flow. Daniel Preston had a strong end to the year with two P2’s and finished third in the championship, and it was great to see him back at the track and jockeying for wins at the end of the season. David Coutu won the last event at NHMS and sealed second in the championship, while John French’s consistency and strong middle part of the season allowed him to take his first COM championship.

Super C – Chris Parsons beat Will Martins to the Super C championship. While Will had some car trouble, Chris showed that a turbo Miata CAN be reliable! Ryan Catucci came in third in what is probably the world’s fastest AWD Honda…

Super D – Peter McParland fired the first shots this year by winning two of the first three events in his S2000 and not showing up for the rest. Newly minted instructor Roe Cole’s Won his first class championship by winning three of the last four events. Last year’s champion Mark Swinehart finished second, and Hugh Wallace grabbed third.

T100 – Bob Cairns took the championship despite missing a few events in the middle of the season. It was good to see him join COM again on the track later in the season, and true to form he ended the season with a track record. However, Laura Fleming is the true champion and her infectious smile will be missed by everyone in the club.

T90 – David Lapierre won his second T90 championship over Victor Larin. It’s a testament to the COMSCC classing structure that cars produced by different manufacturers (BMW vs Porsche) over a decade apart (2001 vs 2016), with different layouts (front engine RWD vs mid engine RWD) and different levels of prep (stripped & caged vs roll bar + slicks) managed to deliver a see-saw battle never more than a few tenths apart, and often even closer. Cort Wilson gets an honorable mention for the win at WGI, and the one of the coolest looking cars in the paddock (what looks better than a GT-40?). Steven Amanti came in third.

T80 – an extremely deep class this year with 21 entrants and four different TT winners. Vidi Saptari followed his win at Mt Tremblant with P3 in the championship, while Kevin Cross parlayed a win and consistent performances into P2. Chris Hornung is one of this season’s most improved drivers and was almost unbeatable when he actually showed up. He did show up often enough to win the championship! We also can’t ignore new kid on the block Scott Florio who finished second in his first COM TT at the Glen and ended the season with a win at NHMS2.

T70– the annual Jon & Nelson show didn’t disappoint this season. The first five events saw some close battles and the two drivers separated by a point. At that point, German reliability took over and Nelson DNF’ed at WGI, allowing Jon to eke out a lead and close the season in P1 and another strong win and lap record at NHMS2. James Ray secured 3rd and Dan Durusky ended only two points behind in 4th. Dan was the only T70 driver not named Jon or Nelson to crack into the top two which he did on two occasions.

T60– Dave Lemoine won the championship with 3 victory, edging out Jeff Wasilko (2 wins, 2nd in championship) and Shervin Yeganeh (2 wins, 3rd in championship). The battle came right down to the wire, with it going down to a winner-takes-all last event of the season at NHMS2. Last year’s champion Troy Velazquez was 4th.

T50 – Matt LeBlanc and Dave Wittmer went back and forth over the first four events of the season and were neck-and-neck following the Thompson time trial.  Over the final three events Dave’s win, two second place finishes and 13.5 second combined advantage over Matt were more than enough to lock up his first class championship since 2013.  Though he missed a handful of events Nick Fontana had some amazing performances this year highlighted by an unofficial T50 Palmer lap record of 1:47.671.  Insane!

T40 – Dan closed out his mid season lead with four consecutive wins in his daily driver! Sash Dias came second with two wins, while Matt Daniels was ‘best of the rest’ and was consistently on the podium to grab third in a five-way fight with Derek Tanguard, Dennis Herrick, Julie Wasilko and Tom Cannon.

T30 – this class has seen among the tightest competition this year. Micah Spielvogel upped his game in 2018 to win four events and beat Andrew Grigg to the championship by 16 points. Peter Perrault grabbed third while David Beningson and Emily Berthier rounded out the top five. A special mention to Emily Berthier – a new car but the same competitive spirit saw her close the season out with a second place at the last event in New Hampshire. Mikhael started off the season with a win, but his engine decided to go vacation at the very next event.
Dan Baldwin also cemented the overall driver championship, scoring 93.86 championship points to edge Dave Lemoine (91.14) and Jon Cowen (89.86).

We’re going back to F1 Boston again next week for our annual banquet, kart race and awards ceremony. If you haven’t already registered, what are you waiting for?!
Wishing everyone a great 2019!

The COMSCC team

Event announcement:

Register Now for COM’s Annual Karting Event and Awards Banquet!


Join us for for our annual banquet preceded by a karting event on January 26th!  The karting event is a great way to get those competitive juices flowing before drinks, dinner and an awards banquet commemorating a phenomenal 2018 season.

Due to popular demand we are returning to F1 Boston, and we will be hosting a track rental in the afternoon. The banquet will follow the track rental.  It is $75 for racing and $40 for the buffet and awards banquet. There will be a cash bar as before. There are a few hotels in walking distance.

Kart drivers: The waivers and safety briefing will begin at 1pm. The rental goes from 2pm to 4pm.

The track 2 Lounge will be ours from 2pm until 8pm. Dinner will be served around 5:30pm.

You are welcome to participate in just the karting, just the banquet, or both. 

We request that if you have digital photographs that you took over the 2018 season…track photos, pics in the paddock, people etc….please send them to Troy at with your name and “2018 pictures” in the title. We plan to use the pictures at the banquet and will become a part of our archive.

Here is the link to register: 

See you there!

Blood Drive in Memory of Laura Fleming

Blood Drive Poster