NHMS event on April 25-26 has been cancelled

Due to the recent order in New Hampshire of non essential businesses to shut down prior to May 4, our BoD has decided to cancel our event at NHMS that was scehduled for April 25-26.

As with the test day, those participants that have registered for the event will have their CC charges refunded (including dues you may have paid….so you may have to re-up the next time you register for an event). Participants who used previously issued credits will have those credits carried forward.

These are critical times, but COM’s leadership team continues to plug away with business-as-usual. We are fully aligned and acting in the best interests of the club, the membership, as well as our venue partners. That said, we are preparing to host events this season and members are encouraged to contact us through the usual channels. As news develops, we will continue to reach out to the group and keep you informed.

Until then….use your self quarantine time to get those cars ready!