The COM Sports Car Club “Frequent Drivers Program”

Fellow COM members,
With registration about to open for our first event of the season I would like to announce a new incentive program for all active COM members: The COM Sports Car Club “Frequent Drivers Program”

This program has been designed by your Board of Directors to reward any member who attends multiple events. Members who attend multiple events are the backbone of our 51-year-old club and help us to maintain a diverse schedule. In addition to rewarding active members, it is also our hope this program will boost attendance at away events and encourage even more robust competition within our Time Trial championship. I ask you: Why attend an event with another club when you can expand you COM experience and be rewarded for it at the same time?

How it works:

Starting with our first event, attendees will automatically accrue 20 points per day for every COM track day they pay to attend in a given calendar year. Points may be used for subsequent events within that calendar year and are available for redemption at checkout on the registration site. In 2010, each point redemption will equal $1. Thus, should you pay to attend two days at Monticello you could could redeem your 40 points to reduce the cost of our May/June NHMS event by $40 . . . or bank the points for an event later in the year. The program is designed to be administered automatically through our registration site. A few rules and regulations do apply:

  1. Points are earned and awarded after the event has completed.
  2. Points are nontransferable.
  3. Once used, points are not refundable if you cancel or have a “mechanical.”
  4. Points may not be redeemed for cash and have no cash value.
  5. Points can only be used in the calendar year in which they are earned.
  6. Points are only awarded if you register before the official closing date of registration.

We hope you enjoy the benefits of the “Frequent Drivers Program” and thank you for your loyalty to the COM Sports Car Club.

In other news, Registration fees will remain the same and we now support credit cards — MasterCard and Visa can be used at checkout, so start charging those company expense accounts!

I look forward to seeing you at Monticello.

Your club president,
John Spain