COMSCC Rules – Abridged list of changes for 2022

Please reference the Official rulebook for 2022, which is expected to be released mid March. In the meantime, here’s what’s changed for 2022 (in no particular order):

  • New class added- TU – We’ve created a new class “TU” for cars at 110 points or higher. This creates a place for unmodified or lightly modified “hypercars” to participate. You go over 119.9 points, you’re in Super, with the associated required safety changes.
  • Existence of this class will be evaluated each year to see if there is a need for a true “T110” class, based primarily on participation. We want a place for the newest cars to run, but if no one shows up there’s no need to create a class. It is not intended for T100 cars to add even more mods to run here; since the participation in T100 is light anyway there is little point in that.
  • Year-end Class Champions have always been determined by total points; if there is a tie then the comparison of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places finishes. We’ve now added should an additional tiebreaker be needed, Then the winner shall be the driver with the lowest total elapsed time, calculated as the sum of the best lap time at each event where both tied drivers competed. In the event that the total elapsed times are also equal, then they shall be considered tied for the position in the standings.
    Tire points chart has been updated to include new tires, and a few have been adjusted based on experience over the past 2 years.