COMSCC Competition Update

We’re on to the final COMSCC event of the season. While it hasn’t been without its challenges (social distancing, etc.) we’ve had an incredible season with events around New England as well as a signature event at the Glen. It’s great to be with the COM family doing what we all love!

There are a number of classes that are finely poised heading into our last event, while others already have a champion-elect. If you want to see the finale in person, don’t forget to sign up for the event at New Hampshire Motor Speedway using the link below:

Here’s a class-by-class run down:

Super Unlimited – Mark Stellato has wrapped up the 2021 SU Class Championship with 3 wins, but Butch King still put on a show at Watkins Glen, throwing down a single 2:07 lap, with speeds likely north of 150mph
Super A – Tom Greer just needs a clean TT at NHMS to wrap-up SA in 2021
Super B – Scott Florio has the lead going into NHMS, but with John French owning the tie breaker, Florio needs a little more than just participation points to mathematically lock the championship
Super C – Ryan Catucci is just 3 points behind Jake Wile with Mick Demopolous still mathematically in the mix
Super D – Roe Cole has already clinched the SD Championship with 4 wins
Super E – the “gentlemen’s class” looks like it will come down to Matt Daniels or Jeff Wasilko, who trails by just 4 points, but Chris Parsons is still technically alive

Touring 100 – Steve Amanti has 4 wins in 5 events to lock-up T100
Touring 90 – Brandon Travassos carries a 2 point lead into the final event over Vic Larin after alternating wins all season. A Larin win and Travassos 2nd would result in a championship tie with no tie-breaker.
Touring 80 – Chris Taylor’s 4 wins wrap the T80 Championship
Touring 70 – Dan Durusky is cruising with 4 straight wins, needing just 2 participation points to secure the 2021 T70 Championship at NHMS
Touring 60 – Jon Cowen’s win over club VP Bob Steenson at WGI was just enough to wrap-up the T60 Championship
Touring 50 – Dan Baldwin and Dave Wittmer have put on a show this year – Baldwin takes a 2 point lead into NHMS, but a Wittmer win and a Baldwin 2nd would result in a championship tie with no tie-breaker
Touring 40 – John Riopel put in a good effort, but Dennis Herrick’s 5 wins have earned him the T40 Championship
Touring 30 – Ben Chiel’s commitment has paid off, with his 2nd place finish at Watkins securing him the T30 Championship

William F. McMahon British Cup – Howard Roundy’s (Lotus Elise) finish at Watkins Glen was enough to win the 2021 British Cup
Laura Fleming American Iron Award – Brandon Travassos (Chevy Corvette) and Steve Amanti (Chevy Corvette) are separated by less than 1 point going into NHMS
Stephen A. Hosker Miata Cup – Dennis Herrick leads going into NHMS, but mathematically a ton of drivers are still in contention (Ben Chiel, Dave Wittmer, Matt Daniels, and Jeff Wasilko)

Overall Driver Champion – Jon Cowen has dominated T60 with 5 straight wins and comes into NHMS with 70.6 points, needing at least a 2nd place finish to beat-out Dennis Herrick. However, after their respective seasons thus far, Dan Baldwin, Dave Wittmer, Brandon Travassos, Steve Amanti, Roe Cole, Vic Larin, and Matt Daniels are each within 12 points needed to take the lead.

See you at NHMS!