COM moving registrations to MotorsportReg

As you are relaxing in the off season and enjoying our bountiful weather, your COM officers and board of directors have been diligently working to make COM a better place in 2015. At the recent board meeting it was decided to move the COMSCC registration processing to the MotorsportReg (MSR) system. The current internal COMSCC registration system was built by Fred Ferguson in 2006 and it has served the club well – many thanks to Fred for a decade of great capabilities and solid support! In 2013 Fred became President/CEO of Palmer Motorsport Park and is bringing that facility online in 2015. It is time to move to a commercially-supported system.

A team of COM volunteers has been working since last August on the best way to use the MSR system, enlisting the help of members who had served as MSR administrators for other clubs. We will be opening the registration for NHMS-1 in MSR by early March, and will be using MSR for all track event registrations from that point forward. A How-To guide and other resources are being prepared to ease your first steps in MSR.

To make your first steps in MSR as easy as possible we will transfer current membership profile information to MotorsportReg for all COM members. This migration connects to your existing MSR account based on email address or creates a new MSR account if you don’t already have one. This membership profile info includes member address, contact info, license #, etc. and will be associated with the members email address on file in our current system. COMSCC does not retain members’ credit card or other financial information, and no information of this type will be provided to MSR. MotorsportReg is one of COM’s trusted vendors and their privacy policy and culture of customer sensitivity and security are commendable. This type of information transition is part of MSR’s standard procedure, however if for any reason you do not wish us to automatically transfer this information to MotorsportReg for you, please send a message before 2/28/15 to

I will be reaching out to you again once this transition step had been completed – hopefully by 3/10/15.
If you have any questions or input please email
-Peter Fontana