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2016 Competition Update #3- Midseason update


This year has certainly been a battle of the elements.  We have had inconsistent and at times torrential rain.  We have had dry dusty conditions.  We have had “I am sweating faster than I can drink” heat.  It has been a wild and crazy ride that has yielded some fantastic class battles.  Before going any further make sure you sign up for our next event at Mosport HERE.  Also note there there is a two participation point bonus for members who attend BOTH Mosport and Watkins Glenn this year!  

COM held their first ever time trial event at Canaan Motor Club.  COM’s workers put a substantial amount of work into preparing and running this event.  We appreciate everyone’s efforts including the folks who stepped up to help flag the event.  This event highlighted what an amazing group of volunteers this club has.

We also had our first and only event at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park of 2016.  This was a very well-attended event.  Conditions were excessively hot.  For those that have invested in cool-suits; you finally got your money’s worth and then some!  We were treated to some excellent customer service from the track all around.  Now onto the class updates. (more…)