Announcing the COMSCC iRacing League!

Medium Image Announcing the COMSCC iRacing league! As some of you may know, COM members have been running an iRacing league for a few seasons now. iRacing not only gives cost effective seat time, it also allows us some (virtual) bragging rights! It turns out iRacing CEO Steve Myers and his father, Fred Myers, got their start doing track days with COM.  Steve is psyched that members of his old track day club are racing on iRacing, and he’s offered to throw in prize credits for our summer league! The top 10 finishers (not including the 4 league organizers) will earn iRacing credits which can be used to buy/renew membership and buy cars/tracks.  Here’s the payout schedule:

1st – $750
2nd – $400
3rd – $250
4th – $100
5th – $100
6th – $100
7th – $100
8th – $100
9th – $100
10th – $100

Most drivers should have a good chance at the top 10 if they practice and make it to at least 8 events (12 total with 4 drops) – the $100 goes a long way to cover the service and any new tracks to complete the schedule. You can get started by emailing or by requesting entry in the league section of iRacing – just search for “COM” Note: credits are offered by iRacing and not by COMSCC.