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2021 Registration is open

Registration has begun to open for the 2021 season with COMSCC. We are emerging from the winter season, and the clutches of a pandemic, and while we must be ever vigilant, we are seeing brighter days ahead.

We are opening registration for event 1. With this come some announcements…

  • Students: After some careful consideration and a poll of our instructors, We will be accepting students in limited amounts at NHMS, so register ASAP to get your slot.
  • Early Bird Discount: New, this year, is an “Early Bird Discount”. Register at least two weeks prior to an event to get the discount! Log into MSR for details.
  • Speaking of MSR, we have made a few changes…
  • Loyalty Program: Due to the complexity with the back end, we have dropped the frequent driver points program. Instead we have applied credits to the MSR accounts of the membership based on the number of days attended in the previous year. For those folks that have attended 7 or more days in 2020, You will see these credits in your account now. The plan is to revisit this in the middle of 2021 and perhaps vote in mid-season bump for those members that have been running the schedule. This will evolve over time.
  • Covid-19: Of course, we will be following all state and local guidelines with regard to our events. We will not be demanding proof of vaccination at this time. Until the guidelines change, masks will still be worn in the garage areas and when in the proximity of people….vaccinated or not. This is about personal responsibility and respecting your peers. By all means, if you have been vaccinated, and you wish to share that fact, please leave a comment in your registration. As always, if you feel ill or are showing symptoms, please stay home.
  • Instructors: For 2021, and beyond, you will have the option of registering to instruct, or you may register as a license holding competitor. This is to allow you the flexibility to participate if you choose not to instruct at a given event.
    Rules: The 2021 rules are up.

Lastly, please join in and welcome our new members of the board: Chris Taylor, Luke French, Matt Daniels, and Bill Chabot. Bob Steenson has assumed his role as Vice President, as David Lemoine has stepped back. As per our tradition, Dave is serving a year on the BoD as the outgoing VP….if just to make sure we don’t do anything stupid!

That is all for now. Thanks so much for your patience and flexibility as the club navigates this time. Here is the link for event 1:

See you at the track!

Troy Velazquez – President