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Sign up now for Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park!

Thompson ad 2018

This will be COM’s only visit to this historical venue that was relaunched as a road course just a few years ago.  Our past Thompson events have been sell-out events so sign up ASAP before registration closes.  We will run open lapping and an HPDE school on Friday July 20th.  We will run open lapping and the time trial on Saturday July 21st.

The event cost & other information can be found at the registration link: Thompson Registration Page

If you have any specific questions about event registrations please contact our Registrar:

If you have specific event questions (entry / gas / etc.) please keep an eye on our Event Annoucement Section on the forum or contact our Chief of Event Operations:

Announcing the COMSCC iRacing League!

Medium Image Announcing the COMSCC iRacing league! As some of you may know, COM members have been running an iRacing league for a few seasons now. iRacing not only gives cost effective seat time, it also allows us some (virtual) bragging rights! It turns out iRacing CEO Steve Myers and his father, Fred Myers, got their start doing track days with COM.  Steve is psyched that members of his old track day club are racing on iRacing, and he’s offered to throw in prize credits for our summer league! The top 10 finishers (not including the 4 league organizers) will earn iRacing credits which can be used to buy/renew membership and buy cars/tracks.  Here’s the payout schedule:

1st – $750
2nd – $400
3rd – $250
4th – $100
5th – $100
6th – $100
7th – $100
8th – $100
9th – $100
10th – $100

Most drivers should have a good chance at the top 10 if they practice and make it to at least 8 events (12 total with 4 drops) – the $100 goes a long way to cover the service and any new tracks to complete the schedule. You can get started by emailing or by requesting entry in the league section of iRacing – just search for “COM” Note: credits are offered by iRacing and not by COMSCC.

Register for Circuit Mont-Tremblant now!

Tremblant FB 2018

COM’s long awaited return to Circuit Mont-Tremblant is here!  It has been five years since we have hosted an HPDE and time trial event at this legendary track.  This is a Monday-Tuesday event on 6/25-6/26.  For students making the trip to this high-speed haven we will be offering instruction on both day one and day two as needed.  You can register HERE.

Did you know Circuit Mont-Tremblant was the host of the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix in 1968 and 1970?  Everyone who has been to Tremblant before has probably already signed up.  If you have never been then follow these two steps:

1.) Check out the video below to get a taste of what this place is all about.

2.) Sign up immediately to drive one of the best tracks in North America!

A few more items:  You will need a passport to cross the border in to Canada and back into the US.  It is highly recommended to have paperwork (registration and/or title) for all vehicles that will be crossing the border.  Yes the one on your trailer too.  You can call your car insurance company and they should be able to mail you a Canadian insurance card that will cover you in the event something happens on the drive up.  Here is a link to some good advice for crossing the border:

Tips for Driving Across the Border into Canada

Don’t be intimidated by the drive up to this track.  It is the exact same travel distance as Watkins Glen!  The Mont Tremblant area is beautiful.  It has many family-friendly things to do in the summer and there are oodles of houses and condos for rent.

All other event details and information can be found on our web forum HERE

  • If you have any specific questions about event registrations please contact our Registrar:
  • If you have specific event questions (entry / gas / etc.) contact our Chief of Event Operations:
  • Please review our 2018 Rule Book  for safety and car requirements.

David Wittmer driving his Miata around Circuit Mont Tremblant