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Competition Update #6- NHMS2


It seemed like it had been an eternity since May when we last ran at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  To everyone’s delight this event was slated to run the south oval configuration.  Day one was picture perfect fall weather and some drivers were flirting with track record pace.  Just like the first visit to New Hampshire this year, rain would move in overnight and absolutely soak day two.  Competitors who keep rain tires in their arsenal would be handsomely rewarded in these conditions.

So what happened in this very rainy time trial?

Super Unlimited – Bruce Allen was the only SU competitor to enter the time trial.  Bruce collected his 11 points and locked down the SU season championship.

Super A – The Greer’s conquered the rain in their V8 Miata.  Kellie ran some very consistent laps and took second place.  Tom finished with a 1:31.345 to secure the win.  It is all gravy as he secured the class championship earlier this season.

Super B – Kevin Foote made his first appearance with COM this year and grabbed a solid second place finish in SB.  It was Dan Preston however  who grabbed the win clearing the rest of the SB field by five seconds.  With the win, Dan now has a slim two point lead over Bob Brooks heading into the final event of the season.

Super C – While there were only two cars in the SC field, they put on a show with one of the closest margins of victory for the event.  Will Martins continues to get acquainted with his new NC Miata.  He fell just shy of the win with a very respectable 1:29.485.  Once again it was Chris Parsons who found enough time to pull off the win with a 1:28.383.  

Super D – A couple of co-driven enduro econo-boxes crashed the SD party at NHMS.  Despite the new company Rebecca Harvey managed to grab 3rd place amidst the six-driver field.  Pete Rokel, M@$$hole resident #2 ran a 1:38.625 to snag second place.  Nick Derosa, M@$$hole resident #1 separated himself from the rest with a 1:36.366 to take the SD win.

T100 – A spin and an ensuing mechanical issue resulted in Laura Fleming with an unfortunate disqualification.  Kenneth Channell grabbed second place but it was Bob Cairns who made sure not to get stuck on slicks in the rain this time around.  Bob’s 1:27.435 was good enough to secure the win as well as the T100 class championship.

T90- Jon Harris ran unopposed in T90 and took home first place points with a 1:29.886.  

T80 – Only two drivers ran in T80 but it was a very close finish in the end.  Victor Larin managed a 1:40.837 which ended up being less than half a second behind first place.  Anthony Deyoe earned his first win since 2014 with a time of 1:40.356.  

T70 – Class leader Jon Cowen recorded one of the faster times of the day in the difficult conditions with a time of 1:28.349.  Nelson Barros ran a blistering 1:25.720 in the same run group as Jon to not only take the win but FTD as well.  Jon Cowen’s second place points were enough to secure the class championship for the season.

T60 – T60 matched it’s deepest field of the season with ten drivers competing.  Jeffrey Goldberg competed in his first COM time trial of 2016 in his Focus ST and ran a very strong 1:33.607 to grab the last spot on the podium.  The battle for first ended up being one of the best of the day.  Equally equipped tire-wise Troy Velazaquez and Dave Lemoine laid it all out there.  Troy ended up taking second place with a 1:32.879.  Dave Lemoine continued his now annual late-season run and grabbed his third win in a row in T60 with a time of 1:31.902.  With the second place finish Troy secured his first ever class championship with COM.

T50 – Equipped with some five year old bourbon barrel-aged RA-1s, David Wittmer managed to slip and slide his way to a second place finish.   Fortunately, losing his transmission on the third lap did not cause a waving yellow for anyone else.  Jeff Wasilko showed just how magical a good rain tire can be.  He left everyone else in the dust with a 1:30.121.  With the win Jeff secured the T50 class championship.  

T40 – Grab some popcorn, T40 was the class to watch at this event.  The top four finishers were all within 0.797 seconds of each other.  Fresh off a big win at Watkins Glen, Tom Cannon grabbed fourth place with a time of 1:37.502.  Sam Webster ran the fastest first lap of the whole class before spinning.  His 1:37.114 ended up being good for third place however.  After an impressive rail grind of the T12 curbing in practice, Julie Wasilko rallied to grab second place  with a time of 1:36.743, 0.038 seconds behind first place…!  And with the narrowest margin of victory of the day, Scott Rosnick got the rainy time trial monkey of his back and took the win with a 1:36.705.  Scott owns an eight point class lead over Tom going into the final event of the season.

T30 – Much like T40 there was only a 1.04 second spread between first and fourth place in T40.  Class leader Stephen Hosker just missed a podium spot with a 1:40.600.  John Riopel made his 2016 debut and took third place with a solid 1:40.253.  Emily Berthier ran her first time trial of the season and ran a blazing 1:39.852 to take second place.  It was Andrew Grigg however who mastered the wet conditions and just barely edged out the rest with a 1:39.496.  

Our next event is at Palmer Motorsports Park on October 29th & 30th.  You can sign up HERE.  Halloween costumes are welcome and encouraged

~Dave W.


Scott Rosnick chasing those thousandths of a second to grab the win! (photo by James Ray)

Event announcement:

Registration for our season finale at Palmer Motorsports Park is now open!

Registration for our final event of the year on October 29th & 30th at Palmer Motorsports Park is now open!   You can register HERE.

This will be the first time since 2010 that we finish our season at a track that is not New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  With the beautiful fall foliage in full effect and cool crisp horsepower-making air, this is sure to be a can’t miss event.

Garage rentals can be arranged directly with the track HERE

All other event details and information can be found on our web forum HERE