2016 Competition Update #4- Mosport


If you made the trip up to Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (Mosport from here on out ūüôā ) than like me you probably can’t stop thinking about the experience. ¬†Between the long haul, the F1 history, the beautiful setting and the pure speed¬†of the circuit- you got to experience a truly special place. ¬†We were fortunate to have two days in the 70s and no precipitation. ¬†Many folks were returning for more track bliss while we had a handful of first-timers on hand as well. ¬†Our friends from Track & Time up in Canada joined us for the two days as well.

A big thanks to James Ray and his wife Rochelle for taking some fantastic pictures.  You can check them out HERE.

If you attended Mosport make sure you sign up for Watkins Glen HEREРif you attend BOTH of these events you will earn two bonus participation points!  Now on to the time trial updates:

Super Unlimited ‚Äď Bruce Allen drove the tires off his Exige.. literally. ¬†With no rubber left Bruce had to record his one and only time trial lap on his rain tires. ¬†Running unopposed Bruce collected the 13 points as well as the overall class lead for the season. ¬†Which Lotus will be left standing at the end of the year?

Super A ‚Äď Tom Greer and his Porsche 930 Turbo¬†made it around for the out lap but ran into mechanical problems on his first timed lap and was unable to record a time. ¬†It wasn’t going to matter for first place however as no one was going to catch Butch King in his truck. ¬†Butch laid down a 1:30.029 good for the class win and FTD.

Super B ‚Äď Bob Brooks ran unopposed in SB. ¬†He ran a very strong 1:36.373 take first place points and set a new SB track record. ¬†With those points Bob trails SB class leader Dan Preseton by only 2 points.

Super C ‚Äď Peter Fontana win’s the “A-for-effort” award for this event. ¬†Two days before Mosport he still had a blown motor sitting in the engine bay. ¬†With a little help from his friends at Wile Motorsport a new-used motor was sourced and swapped in. ¬†Unfortunately the motor did not hold up for the time trial. ¬†Peter ended up running Dave Lemoine’s T60 car to take third place. ¬†Will Martins showed up in a very familiar looking NC Miata and took 2nd place with a 1:38.611. ¬†Chris Parsons continued to impress taking first place with a 1:37.093. ¬†This was Chris’ first visit to Mosport!

Super D ‚Äď The top four Super D points leaders were all in attendance at Mosport. ¬†Greg Hosselbarth took second place with a 1:42.910. ¬†Mark Swinehart and his fancy new tires laid down a flyer on his third lap and took his second win in the last three events with a 1:41.655. ¬†¬†Greg has taken over first place on the season by a single point over Rebecca Harvey.

T100 ‚Äď Despite much peer pressure Bob and Laura did not man and woman up respectively and missed Mosport again. ¬†For some inexplicable reason Ryan Catucci left his Civic hatch at home and brought his brand new M3. ¬†With the family cheering him on he laid down a 1:37.049 in 100% street trim. ¬†Dan Baldwin had the longest commute to Mosport of anyone (Atlanta to Alabama to Bowmanville!). ¬†That didn’t¬†stop him from laying down a blazing 1:32.543 in his LS-powered RX7.

T90 ‚Äď Mario “The Most Interesting Man in Canada” D’Annunzio made his annual appearance with COM. ¬†He made sure you heard his 1:39.766 good for third place. ¬†Benoit Pepin ran a very solid 1:36.196 in his STi for 2nd. ¬†Jon Harris in his Z06 was just able to edge out Benoit for the win with a 1:35.407. ¬†Jon Harris only needs¬†1 more point to seal up the T90 class championship.

T80 ‚Äď Victor Larin was the only T80 entrant at Mosport. ¬†He laid down a 1:37.269 to take all 13 first place points. ¬†With Nick Fontana¬†starring in “Silicon Valley” and out for the season , Victor Larin has taken over the class lead.

T70 ‚Äď Stephen Diaz may have been the first driver to run a Porsche Panamerica in a COM TT finishing in third place. ¬†James Ray overcame a¬†disappearing trailer wheel¬†to make it up to Mosport in time. ¬†He finished in 2nd place with a 1:40.090. ¬†Jon Cowen separated himself from the rest taking the win in his M3 with a 1:36.940 which was a T70 track record.

T60 ‚Äď Roe Cole laid down some very solid laps in his 944 to edge out Troy Velazquez for third place with a 1:40.164. ¬†Dave Wittmer’s 14 point tires weren’t all they were cracked up to be¬†so he¬†ended up running a 1:39.900 in what turned out to be T50 trim for second place. ¬†Dave Lemoine exploited his inner-Senna and ran an absolutely insane 1:36.940 to take first place and set a very impressive T60 track record.

T50 ‚Äď Vincent Roy made his first COM appearance of 2016 and finished third running a 1:43.948. ¬†Jeff Baker’s first visit to Mosport started with lap times north of the 2:00 mark but finished with a 1:42.743 for second place. ¬†Mr. Cruise Control also pocketed the most consistent award along the way. ¬† Jeff Wasilko hired some local pro help to gain that extra edge. ¬†Unfortunately he lost third gear during practice but managed to run a 1:41.490 in 4th gear the whole way good for the T50 win. ¬†Jeff W has a strong lead but the¬†T50 field will be a deep one at Watkins Glen.

T40 ‚Äď Julie Wasilko ran some very solid laps and recorded a 1:45.759 to take third place. ¬†Tom Cannon just edge out Julie with a 1:45.424 to take second place and his fourth podium of the year. ¬†It was Scott Rosnick however that brought his A-game finishing over two seconds ahead of the rest of T40 with a 1:43.250 and a new T40 track record. ¬†Scott has a slim class lead for the season but the class is wide open with Tom and Julie remaining within striking distance.

T30 ‚Äď Stephen Hosker woke up on day two wondering if Mikhail El Bayeh was going to show up to defend his Mosport title. ¬†Alas he did not and Stephen ran unopposed in T30 to take the win in his McMiata. ¬†That didn’t prevent him from pushing hard as he set a new track record of 1:47.172 to beat Mikhail’s mark set last year.

Overall Driver Championship Standings:

Jeff Wasilko- 60.0
Stephen Hosker- 57.00
Troy Velazquez- 55.40
Jon Harris- 55.40
Chris Parsons- 55.40

There is no time to rest as we are only a week away from our return to the newly paved Watkins Glen.  We did not hold an event there in 2015 due to the repave.  This event has been filling up fast and will have major implications on the class battles with all the points at stake.  We hope to see you there!

~Dave W.


David Lemoine slaying Miatas.