Dodge RAM 3500 Questions

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Dodge RAM 3500 Questions

Post by 6PAK72 » Thu May 21, 2020 2:21 pm

I'm looking for a new tow vehicle so that I can Covid-camp.

Any opinions on a 2000 Dodge RAM 3500 van 5.9LV8 (360) 245hp/345tq/5-speed auto/lsd to pull about 7200 pounds?

The Chevy 3500 LWB 4.8L has 295hp/285tq tows it pretty well, but has a higher tow rating (10,000lbs) than the RAM (7500lbs).

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Re: Dodge RAM 3500 Questions

Post by TunaNoCrust » Thu May 21, 2020 2:42 pm

Dodges usually their weak points are auto transmissions and front ball joints/steering...not sure if that carries over to vans as well.

Should be no problem with that tow capacity. Double check the load capacity of the tires (they don't always replace them with the appropriately rated ones), and runs some good brakes.
Chuck Comeau
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Re: Dodge RAM 3500 Questions

Post by 962porsche » Tue May 26, 2020 10:05 am

I will tell you I do love both our dodge's the 2500 van had been a great tow vehicle for it's hole life. no transmission problems at all in fact dodgie lodgie has served us very well.
our 3500 Diesel dually 2X4 pickup Harvey is fantastic too! it has the 48RE trans and hasn't been a problem in it. I wish the van had this drive train in it.
fuel mileage is fantastic with him no matter if it's towing or not. average is 25MPH the best ever was 27MPH on our way to NJMP in fact I was so shocked I took a pic of the mileage we were getting and posted it on FB. I will say the 1st time we were towing with it I thought the trans was screwed up. we came to this big hill on our way to VIR and it didn't down gear. I then stepped on the gas and it still didn't down gear but took off like a shot. it had more then enough torque to just pull.

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