Rules submissions for 2020

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Rules submissions for 2020

Post by dinoracer » Sat Oct 26, 2019 9:11 am

Good Morning

As the time comes to put the race car away, or swap to snow tires on your street and track ride, it’s time for rules change submissions for the 2020 season.

The COMSCC rulebook is the guiding document we run our events by, both the school days and the Time Trial days. It includes procedures, car requirements regarding safety and configuration for Touring and Super classes, and base classes for cars according to original equipment and modifications made. The Excel spreadsheet we use for setting a touring class car class is based on this rulebook.

If over the course of the season you feel like a change is needed in any of the above, now is your chance to weigh in.

The process is as follows:

1- Consider the change you’d like to see.
2- Go to the current rules ... s-V1.0.pdf
3- Read through the rulebook as it is and :
a. Make sure what you want isn’t already there
b. Find the current rule that you’d like to change
4- Take a few minutes to craft the exact new language you’d like for the existing rule, or the exact text of the new rule, that you’d like to submit.
5- Now do some research. We need to “see the work” please. “I think X needs more/less points” isn’t going to pass unless you provide the research to support your position.
6- Go to the COM website and click on “rules” and “rule change request” to get to the submission page. Enter your name, email, the rule you’d like to change and the new text . Also enter your researched, well-reasoned justification for the change in the “proposed new rule “ section. If you’ve got a lot of data, pictures, charts, spreadsheets etc to offer, put them on a share folder someplace and put the address here (I don’t think the form supports links) here so we can access it.
7- Click submit.

And that’s it

The Chief Steward will compile all rule submissions and present them one by one at the November 20 2019 BOD meeting, where they will be considered, possibly debated, and voted on.

Now, let me add the following:

1- Rules changes will be accepted for consideration between 12AM October 26 and 12PM November 2. Anything submitted after that might be considered, but probably not.
2- As the Chief Steward, I will be reviewing the submissions as they come in. I will be checking your research, consulting the stewards in the club and any other members that may be able to help evaluate the proposal. I reserve the right to clarify your submission if the language is ambiguous, and/or combine different submissions regarding the same subject into one submission. This all needs to be done by me between now and November 20, hence the 1 week window imposed for submissions.
3- The earlier you submit, the better.
4- The more succinct and precise your proposed text is, the better.
5- The clearer and better organized your justification submitted with the proposal, the better.
6- You are welcome and encouraged to come to the BOD meeting yourself and sell your proposal to the board. Prepare a short sales pitch and be prepared to answer questions. Changes that have members willing to present on it at the meeting move to the front of the line, and have a better chance of action as sometimes the meetings go long, and if we don’t get to a submission before the restaurant closes it may or may not get voted on in December.

Thanks for your attention. Any questions send me a note (but not your rule change!) at

Tom Cannon
FKA Chief of Operations. now Chief Steward
Tom Cannon

COM Chief Steward (fka Chief of Operations, Chief of Tech, assistant BBQ cook, Club Secretary....I been around a while)
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