Rule Change #12: Competition Paperwork Requirements

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Rule Change #12: Competition Paperwork Requirements

Post by Dtangard » Wed Nov 21, 2018 7:04 pm

Proposed New Rule:
Situation: A "new" member joins COM for a singular event and only runs that single event. (Clearly races with other organizations and has experience.) Has not had car weighed or provided dyno sheet etc. Their race placement should not be scored to affect the current competitors in that class. Example: Watkins Glen 2018 - A local racer signed up for the COM event. Ran his "SB" car and won the class for that event. In a situation where 2 competitors were fighting for the class championship having a blind side, out of the blue competitor without proper documentation for the class/rules steals a podium seems unfair to the competitors who have followed the rules. This would prevent the "looking for track time" racers from disrupting a close competition between "full schedule" competitors.
Fix: To a mid-season out of the blue competitor: You will be allowed to compete but your points will not be allocated for an event until you provide the documents for proper classing thus not effecting current competition.
Notes (DT): We need to evaluate what went wrong at Watkins Glen. I also heard there was an issue at WGI for T90. Ultimately, we need to encourage competitors to raise their hand before the time trial. At the same time, we need a better way to make sure all cars have the proper competition documentation without over burdening the stewards.
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