Rule Change #3: Touring Class Tire Compound Adjustments, R7 & A7

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Rule Change #3: Touring Class Tire Compound Adjustments, R7 & A7

Post by Dtangard » Wed Nov 21, 2018 6:54 pm

Currently, the Hoosier R7 is at 6 points, the SM7 is at 5 points, and the A7 is at 10 points.
Proposal 3: Change the R7 to 7 points and the A7 to 9 points

Time differences on same track on same day twice this year (LCMT and NHMS) where I ran SM7 and R7 (both used fairly equally). R7 is 1.5 seconds faster. It seems that a gain like that in other tire combinations is rewarded with a larger spread than 1 point.

I want to see the A7 come down one because if used correctly (R7 on hotter day, A7 on cooler day) the lap times are again 1.5 second distributed.

The distribution is different: A7 delivers fastest laps on lap 1 or 2. R7 on 2 or 3. My overlapping laps (2) on either compound are showing between .9 and 1.5 second difference for the A - not a 3 point gain.
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