Rule Change #1: Touring Class Tire Compound Adjustments, RE71R

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Rule Change #1: Touring Class Tire Compound Adjustments, RE71R

Post by Dtangard » Wed Nov 21, 2018 6:53 pm

The Touring Class modification that most impacts potential on-track performance is tire compound. Given that there are new tire updates and models, increasing popularity of street-tires in track settings, and new data about actual tire performance, Touring Class tire compound point assessments should be expected to fluctuate slightly each year.

We now have a lot of back-to-back data between the RE71R and the NT-01, and reports are that the RE71R is no slower in the dry, if anything it might be a tick faster. In the light rain at NHMS, the tire performed well, and in the deep wet at Watkins Glen, it was outperforming Hoosier Wets in portions of the track with deep standing water.

Currently, the RE71R is at -3.5 points, and the NT-01 is at -2.5 points.
Proposal 1: Change the RE71R to -1.5 points

The 2-point swing makes the tire 1 point more than the NT-01, accounting for the edge in heavy wet weather.
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