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Rules Survey

Post by AndrewG » Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:04 pm

I just wanted to throw my two cents out here on the first two questions in the rules survey that went out via email and I'd be interested to hear other people's perspective as well. I'll admit I'm a but biased because I street drive my car to the track, so I think that the "touring" classes should be for street cars.

1. I think the dashboard should have to stay because I can't think of any reason to remove the dashboard in a street car. It's a modification that is moderately difficult to do, but extremely difficult to reverse. What's the upside of cutting up the dashboard of a street car beyond saving a few pounds?

2. I think we SHOULD be able to remove the passenger's seat. This would help me out a lot by creating some more storage space. It's tough to pack everything into the Miata for the long drive to Watkins Glen. Removing the passenger seat would help me fit the spare tires, cooler, and my overnight bag more easily....and it doesn't hurt the steetability of the car at all; I've still got power steering, A/C, cruise control, and a radio to drive to the track in comfort. Best of all the passenger seat goes back in with four bolts. Obviously students will need to have a passenger seat, but it there a downside to allowing licensed drivers to remove it?

I'm curious to see what others think!

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Re: Rules Survey

Post by jeffw » Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:49 pm

If you care about this rule change you should attend the meeting on Wednesday.
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