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Feeler: FS 1999 BMW 328is

Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 3:29 pm
by dtlemoine
Not officially for sale, but wanted to post as a feeler. Considering a few options for the COM 2021 season. Car is a multiple-class winning car built for COMSCC Time Trials, holds class records in T50, T60, SD. Car currently runs in SD, could also slot in towards the top of T80 on current setup, middle of T70 on Nittos/RE71R, or top of T60 on 300 tw summer tires.  A swap back to the M52 cams would remove ~8 Touring points from engine assessment.

Built and maintained by Wile Motorport. No longer street legal - built for Time Trials & HPDE; very good safety gear, however does not have full cage for W2W racing. Driver and passenger belts were new for the 2020 season. Shocks were also rebuilt at the factory and upgraded to their latest valve design.

Clean title, formerly registered in MA as street car. Car is straight, but does have it's fair share of zipties; never involved in contact with a wall, barrier, or other vehicle.

  • M52 motor, S52 cams, M50 manifold
  • Kassel custom tune
  • Cold air intake with headlight vent
  • Refreshed bearings in 2019
  • Rebuilt head in 2019
  • A/C delete
  • VAC dual valvespring / retainer kit
  • S54 oil pickup
  • Welded oil pump nut
  • Steward water pump
  • Mishimoto radiator
  • Aftermarket OE-equivalent exhaust, no risk of failing sound anywhere
  • Removed heater core (Bimmerworld front defroster installed)
  • Bimmerworld dual fuel pumps
  • Dyno'd at 211hp/193tq to the wheels on dynojet
  • Rebuilt diff 3.73 gears with 3-clutch LSD - 2019 (diffsonline)
  • Rogue Engineering diff cover
  • Rebuilt bav auto driveshaft - 2019
  • New BMW half shafts - 2019
  • OE wheel hubs & bearings - 2019
  • E36 M3 Calipers
  • PFC 08/11 pads
  • Front OE M3 Euro-floating rotors
  • Rear OE M3 rotors
  • Stainless brake & clutch lines
  • Bimmerworld wheel studs
  • Bimmerworld "Group N" motor mounts 
  • Solid transmission mounts
  • Poly differential mounts
Suspension & Body
  • MCS 2-way non-remote shocks (rebuilt / upgraded at end of 2020 season by MCS to latest 2-way design)
  • 120Nm/150Nm springs (~680#/850#)
  • Vorshlag camber/castor plates
  • Bimmerworld adjustable rear control arm
  • Adjustable swaybar endlinks
  • Spherical front & rear control arm bushings
  • RTAB limiters
  • Front and rear shock tower reinforcements
  • Front subframe welded reinforcement
  • Rear subframe welded reinforcement kit
  • Rear swaybar welded reinforcement kit
  • Factory X brace
  • BMW LTW Strut bar
  • Custom Wile Motorsport front splitter
  • Motion Motorsport undertray
  • MKAH Motorsports Race diffuser
  • Nine Lives Racing wing
  • Hood vent
  • Headlight and fog light delete
  • ~2800# with 1/2 tank fuel, ~75# rear ballast
  • Crossweight nearly 50% with ~190# driver
  • Three sets of Kosei's potentially available
  • Set 1: 5 HC BFG R1S 235/40R17
  • Set 2: 20 HC BFG R1S 245/40R17  
  • Set 3: 40% worn Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 225/45R17
Interior & Safety
  • VSR 4-point rollbar based on TC Kline jig
  • VSR sunroof delete, metal sunroof retained, does not leak
  • Cobra Evolution drivers seat
  • Sparco Rev passenger seat
  • Schroth Flexi 2x2 6-point driver & passenger belts, new for 2020
  • Brey Krause Fire Extinguisher Mount w 2.5# bottle - passenger seat
  • Interior mostly gutted, airbags removed
  • Rogue Engineering steering wheel quick release w Sparco wheel
  • MKAH door cards, stock window internals remain
  • VAC aluminum floor pans
  • Battery kill switch
  • Window net
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Re: Feeler: FS 1999 BMW 328is

Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2020 1:30 pm
by dtlemoine
Just for fun, some more photos...
MVIMG_20200110_121625.jpg (175.65 KiB) Viewed 1100 times
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Re: Feeler: FS 1999 BMW 328is

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 5:23 pm
by dtlemoine
New kid has arrived and the feeler is still out. Car set 4 SD track records in 2020:

South Oval: 1:11.718
Palmer: 1:45.216
remlap: 1:44.414
WGI: 2:07.881

Photos are old, nothing has really changed aside from new belts on both driver and passenger side. Schroth Flexi 2x2.

Re: Feeler: FS 1999 BMW 328is

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 9:53 pm
by Mick
It wasn't the car that set those records kid.
Congrats and good luck with the sale.

Re: Feeler: FS 1999 BMW 328is

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 11:11 am
by DanB

Great car, kicks ass for realz, good luck with sale!