Feeler FS: E36 M3

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Feeler FS: E36 M3

Post by TXBDan » Fri Jun 14, 2019 4:12 pm

Hey all. Thinking about out loud here. I've been wrestling with this all winter, but the fact is that i'm just not using the car that much. It sits its entire life except for driving to/from COM events 5-6 times a year. I've already missed the first two this year :/ I've got some other projects going on and it'll prob sit even more. I've got it so freaking sorted, but i think i'm going to sell it. I'm curious as to what you guys think its worth. I'll get new pics soon.

'97 Alpine white on black, body/paint is in great shape. "too pretty for a track car"
135k miles
Southern car before it came up north 5-6 years ago. It's been a fun/track car ever since, never driven in the winter. No rust. Enthusiast owned, extensive service and mod records. The car is primary driven to/from track days 5-7 times a year and very rarely driven otherwise. The car has never broken down on or off track, not even a drop of fluid. It's a fantastic track car that's safe, reliable, and perfectly streetable. Has cats, stock seatbelts,no CELs and passes state inspection no problem.

  • Carpet and back seats in tact. Trunk carpets are gone except floor liner.
  • Sunroof delete, replaced with fiberglass panel paint-matched. 100% water proof (no headliner)
  • VSR roll bar fit to sunroofless car
  • Cobra Suzuka race seats (GT in driver, standard in passenger)
  • 1yr old Schroth Clubman 6pt harnesses passenger side
  • brand new Schroth Profi 2" harnesses driver side
  • Factory 3pt seatbelts installed and functional
  • Momo steering wheel
  • A/C is deleted
  • ASC throttle body delete w/ S50 boot
  • 22RPD custom dyno tune
  • head gasket replaced 2 years ago, i was paranoid about disappearing coolant. Never overheated! ARP head studs, Supertech valve springs, head checked and machined to stock-compliant specs. New valve guides and seals. It's ready to drop in big cams.
  • Gripforce aluminum flywheel with organic clutch (last year)
  • Diffsonline 3.46 LSD w/ 40% static lock (4yrs ago)
  • Stromung catback exhaust
  • MCS SA shocks (last year, 8 events on them i think)
  • 600/700lb Hyperco springs
  • GC Race camber plates
  • Stock swaybars with poly bushings
  • Poly front LCA bushings
  • OEM RTAB bushings with limiters
  • Reinforced stock rear camber arms
  • 75D subframe bushings
  • 95A poly diff bushings
  • brand new front lower control arms
  • front subframe reinforced
  • rear subframe swaybar mounts reinforced
  • RTAB pockets reinforced
  • MZ3 radiator w/ new tank
  • Stewart Warner water pump
  • All hoses (even heater core hoses) replaced with OEM, new tstat housing
  • Almost new Hawk DTC-60s front and rear (one event on them)
  • rebuilt all stock calipers last winter
  • SS lines
  • 1 sets of 17x8.5" Kosei K1swith 245/40 Dunlop ExtremeContact DW. Lots of tread. (on the car)
  • 1 set of 17x8.5" Kosei K1s with half good 255/40 NT01s
  • 1 set of 17x9" Apex ARC-8s with Hoosier R7s (5 cycles on them)
  • stock exhaust - good shape, i swap it on if i need the classing points
  • BNIB set of Hawk DTC-60s, front and rear
  • ballast weight (plates with holes drilled in them) that fit behind passenger seat or in trunk
  • Extra oil filters, fluids
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Re: Feeler FS: E36 M3

Post by StephanAlfa » Wed Jun 19, 2019 12:47 pm

I'd be interested in the KOSEI wheels if you plan to sell them separately ...
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