Mont Tremblant June 24-25 2019 Event notes

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Mont Tremblant June 24-25 2019 Event notes

Post by dinoracer » Sun Jun 16, 2019 12:29 pm

Hi All

Here's the details on the event:

1. The default sound limit is 92 decibels on the A scale measured at 15 meters from the track edge. Vehicles violating the limit will be black flagged and not allowed on track without corrective measures - something you can add to the car, not short-shifting where you think the sound guy is standing.... PLEASE COME PREPARED. This limit will be strictly enforced. NO refund will be given for that day for cars that are flagged for sound!

2. It’s a busy weekend in the area. There is a triathalon and this weekend is the National Holiday of Quebec, which is a popular long weekend for Quebecers to take some extra vacation time and enjoy the area. Bring some patience Saturday and Sunday when you’re making the trip up. The triathlon is based in the Village North of the track, and uses the roads in and out of the village for the bike and running events. There will be some road closures and detours. Here’s a link to a list of closures put out by the local C of C: ... ant-en.pdf

3. The triathalon organizer also has a very good website that includes an interactive map of road closures and times ... z5r1h3OII7.
The main event is Sunday, it starts early and the winner is known by noon; so, the later you arrive Sunday, the better off you are traffic-wise. The roads to the North ( from Chemin Sequin) and South (from Chemin du Village) gates are one way most of the day, If you are staying in the village check with your hotel about any parking issues. The gates to the track (both North and South) will be open
  • a. Saturday: 9am to 5pm
    b. Sunday from 5pm to 10pm,
    c. Monday from 7am to 10pm,
    d. Tuesday from 7am to 7pm.
    e. Wednesday from 7am to 7pm
4. It will be possible to drop off trailers Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm, and to leave trailers there on Wednesday if you are staying in the area a few extra days. Coordination with the staff at the track is REQUIRED, don’t just drop anything and run. They will direct you to where they need you to park. The staff will try to bring the big rigs in directly over the track Saturday and Sunday to park in the paddock, but will not promise availability of this. You may need to park in the Cart track area Saturday and then move in late Sunday

5. The South entrance is at 1281 Chemin du Village, this is the first entrance you pass coming from the south. If you’re driving a big rig especially, please use this entrance. There is a second entrance ( North gate) up the road just past Lac Moore (Chemin du Seguin) that will be open if you are driving your track car and staying in the Village area.

6. Camping is allowed on the property, but you’re going to be off the grid – no hook-ups. There is some space to pitch a tent if you like, and you’re welcome to stay in your hauler. There is a dump station and access might be available Tuesday late before you leave

7. The café’ will be open for lunch at the track, and will serve as the classroom

8. Registration opens on Monday at 7:00am and closes at 8:00am. Tech opens at 7:05am and closes at 8:05am. There may be availability the night before but no promises. The event is currently at about 60 drivers, so night before Registration/Tech is not going to be needed.

9. There are no garages. Bring a pop-up or two.

10. The racing surface, including track entry, exit and hot pit, is clockwise. At no time may any vehicle operate in a counter-clockwise direction on track unless so directed by an event official.

11. Stuff you can’t do:
  • a.Firearms and fireworks of any kind are prohibited.
    b. Children may not be left unsupervised.
    c. Pets must be on a leash at all times while on track property.
    d. Radio controlled drones or any device that intentionally leaves the ground may not operate on the track property.
    e. Non-street legal vehicles may be operated on track property only. Anyone operating a non-street legal vehicle off-property will be banned from the premises.
    f. No bedding of brakes allowed on any of the roads outside of the actual racing surface.
    g. No alcohol may be consumed on -property until the track surface is closed (cold) at end of day.
    h. Illegal drug possession or use on property is not permitted at any time.
    i. There are no fluid disposal facilities, fluids must leave with you.
12. There is no fuel available at the track. There is gas is available about a mile away from the track using the North gate – turn left off Chemin Sequin onto Chemin du Village and look for the CREVIER gas station on the left. If you are staying south of the track, there are multiple gas stations in the main town of Saint-Jovite. Bring gas cans; there will be plenty of track time for all!

13. There is a PA system, and we will use the App to communicate as much as possible. However, we have no idea what the cell phone coverage is like, or what if any Wi-Fi is available on track property. Check with your service provider to see if you have or can get temporary service in Canada. Then load the app if you don’t have it already and turn on notifications please.
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