Palmer April 27-28 event notes

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Palmer April 27-28 event notes

Post by dinoracer » Wed Apr 24, 2019 12:25 pm

Palmer April 27-28 2019

Here's the skinny on the season opener:

1. Entry on Friday night, April 26 will be allowed after 500 PM....We are paying for overnight security. Entry road speed limit is 25 mph. Paddock speed limit is 10 mph.

2. Camping is allowed.

3. Registration opens on Saturday at 7:00am and closes at 8:00am. Tech opens at 7:05am and closes at 8:05am. There may be availability the night before but no promises.

4. There is no formal (informal) dinner planned at the track. We have been struggling to replace the irreplaceable Bob Brooks, and have not be able to find the right thing yet- it’s a lot of work just organizing these things. We’re looking for a new person to “own” this activity, if you’re willing we’d love to hear from you see Tom Cannon at the track this weekend please.

5. Garage rentals this year will be handled directly by our MotorSportsReg signup – make sure you add a garage before checkout if you need one.

6. The racing surface, including track entry, exit and hot pit, is counter clockwise for this event. At no time may any vehicle operate in a clockwise direction unless so directed by an event official.

7. The default sound limit is 95 decibels on the A scale measured at 50 feet from the track edge. Vehicles violating the limit will be black flagged and not allowed on track without corrective measures. Please come prepared. This limit will be strictly enforced. NO refund. If you’re running a factory exhaust, you’re likely OK. If you think your modified exhaust is loud, it is, and you better bring some options to make sound or you’re going home. Short shifting into one is not a solution – they check sound all over the track.

8. Motor vehicles are not allowed on the race track after closing (cold) in the evening until opened next morning.

9. Bicycling and walking on the race track during non-use (cold) hours is permitted only by prior arrangement.

10. Firearms and fireworks of any kind are prohibited.

11. Wood fires may be made and maintained only in PMP-designated or approved fire pits between sunset and sunrise.

12. There are cars moving around most of the time; small children may not be left unsupervised.

13. Pets must be on a leash at all times while on track property.

14. Radio controlled drones or any device that intentionally leaves the ground may not operate on PMP property.

15. Non-street legal vehicles may be operated on PMP property only. Anyone operating a non-street legal vehicle off PMP property will be banned from the premises.

16. No bedding of brakes allowed on any of the roads outside of the actual racing surface.

17. No alcohol may be consumed on PMP property until the track surface is closed (cold) at end of day.

18. Illegal drug possession or use on PMP property is not permitted at any time. Persons using prescription drugs that bear warnings against operating motor vehicles shall not use the race track surface and are not allowed. Persons violating these policies may be immediately escorted from the premises.

19. Oil, transmission fluid, anti-freeze, or other hazardous fluids must leave with you. There is no facility for waste fluids.

20. Paved surfaces may not be marked with anything other than chalk, and please do not drive stakes or nails into the asphalt.

21. Stakes may be driven in unpaved areas only. There are buried utilities, you will be charged for repairs to any track property you damage.

22. There is fuel available at the track for purchase, both 93 and 100 octanes. There is also gas is available (all grades of street and race fuel) in “town” about 2 miles from the track.

23. There is USUALLY a food service that does breakfast and lunch (and ice cream!!) that is very good (same provider as last year.) There are also some fine small businesses within a couple miles of the track that would be happy to feed you for a fee.

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Re: Palmer April 27-28 event notes

Post by TunaNoCrust » Wed Apr 24, 2019 3:35 pm

23. Pig Park BBQ and Janine's Frostee are both excellent and fast.
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