COMSCC April 28, 2018 Test Day, Thompson

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COMSCC April 28, 2018 Test Day, Thompson

Post by TroyV » Tue Apr 24, 2018 4:19 pm

Hi Folks!!

***Disclaimer: Some or all of this information may be subject to change. Keep checking back to see the latest.***

Welcome to the 2018 COMSCC season. Here is some important info regarding our upcoming test day:

- For this test event, garages must be rented from the track.!

- The first four garage spots are reserved for COM staff. Tech may run through one of those bays, keep an ear out for any announcements.

- Entry on Friday evening April 27 is after 600PM. 4 or 5 of the event organizers will have preference, so please do not block the in gate. The registrar will not be there on the 27th at all.

- Late entry is allowed so you can drop off your trailers, but camping is not allowed this time, sorry. If the gate is closed, park there with your lights on and security will come and let you in.

- You should be able to enter at any time (surely anytime after 600 AM ). Garages will be open at 600 AM.

- Check your entry email for registration and tech times.

- A Dunkin Donuts van will be at the track from 7:30am.

- The Club will be open until 900 PM. If you plan to go after the track closes, please go around to the other parking location so they can close and lock the main gate.

- The consession stands will be open 1100AM to 400PM.

- Gas is available 24/7, credit card/debit card only. DO NOT block access to the gas pumps.

- Pets must be leashed, and please keep track of your children, cars will bemoving all over the paddock.

- Do not run electric cords across vehicle pathways.

- Travel around the garages is counter clock wise, keep the garages on the left.

- An ATM is available in the Pro Shop.

- Drones are not allowed.

- Do not forget to place your timing cards on the PASSENGER side of your car.

- Showers are available in the old oval buildings. Ask for directions when at the track.

If there are any questions, post them here and we will try to give timely responses. Again....This information is subject to change. If there are changes we will communicate them in the typical manner.

See you there!
Troy Velazquez
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