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Event announcement:

Registration for Mosport is now open

Registration for our July 30-31 Mosport event is now open.

Mosport has a rich history and is arguably one of the greatest racing circuits in North America. Don’t miss this opportunity for tons and tons of track time at this world class track.

Visit our Mosport track page to learn more about this track.

Mosport results

TheĀ Mosport, May 3, 2011 results have been posted.

Event announcement:

COM Hot Lap Ride-Along Program

Want to get a taste of COM by taking some hot laps around a race track?

The COM Hot Lap Ride-Along Program is intended for new or prospective members to participate in a hot lapping session on the race track with a COM instructor. Participants must be registered members of COM (which the $35 fee covers).
Click here to register.

Mosport Walkthrough

Last year Will Martins posted an excellent Mosport track guide to our forums. I had been meaning to permanently add it to our track for ages and have just gotten to it. Go figure, I find the time to do it on a late Friday night, a year later.

It’s a shame that we couldn’t get Mosport onto our schedule this season but it is for the best. Maybe this writeup will come in handy for next season :)

At least for now we get to live it through Wills great writeup.